F123. Advanced features.

Designed for the way you work.

Engineering grade outputs. Repeatable results. All created within your design office, by your design team. Meet the F123 Series – rapid prototyping at its simplest and smartest.

Prototyping the component parts of a motorcycle helmet

Faster print. Bigger competitive advantage.

Switch to Fast Draft Mode to consolidate rapid prototyping, design validation and functional testing. This cuts your print time in half, and uses a third of the material. All designed to reach your market sooner, eliminate post-production quality snags and outperform the competition.

100,000 hours of testing. 100% confidence.

30 years of 3D printing expertise. 100,000 hours of reliability testing. That’s what it took to create the F123 Series – the most reliable FDM printers on the market.

Printing on one of a room of F123 series printers

Market leading reliability with over 100,000 hours of rigorous testing.

Mechanical durability is at the heart of the F123 Series. We’ve switched traditional stepper motors for servo motors – for high-torque applications and dynamic load variations. And sleeve bearings for linear profiled rails, to give better repeatability and accuracy, greater load-carrying, and maintenance-free operation.

Easy management of print jobs

Control when you need it. Freedom when you don’t.

With the F123’s plug-and-play system, you manage print yourself. No specialist technicians. No expensive training. Print straight from your CAD file using our GrabCAD Print™ software – over Wi-Fi, USB or Ethernet. Then track progress in real-time, directly from your workspace or mobile device.

Fits into your workspace.

Compact dimensions. Standard 110V power connection. As quiet as a domestic refrigerator. For the first time, you can have end-to-end rapid prototyping in the same room as your designers and engineers – for unprecedented efficiency. All secured with an auto-locking door.

Compact and quiet

Switch materials in seconds.

PLA for speed and quantity, non-PLA for strength and resilience. Elastomer for flexibility and durability. The F123’s material range meets the demands of any prototype.

Coloured strands of source material

FDM filament materials from Stratasys.

Swap materials in under a minute – the fastest in the market. The F123’s easy-access, self-positioning filament spools mean everyone on your team can change material with confidence. Switching non-PLA and elastomer needs no calibration or head changes. Other materials are installed using automatic calibration. So you’re back up and running in moments.

Soluble support. Dissolves costs.
CAD schematic of flexible object
Component in situ
Flexible pipe fiting

Achieve complex geometries and cavities with our exclusive soluble support material. A support structure that's printed around the part, saving you any design compromise and hands-on removal, reducing costs and simplifying the prototype-to-product journey.

See soluble support in action

Maintain complete control over your printing

Curl control.

Print large, flat components in any density, without curl. The Stratasys F123 Series controls the temperature of the build chamber precisely – with none of the ‘dead spots’ that can lead to distortion. Just total uniformity.

Savings on every print.

Stratasys F123 Series 3D Printers do what traditional rapid prototyping machines can only claim. Saving you time and money in the process. The F123 Series handles all the technical challenges of your print, so your focus stays firmly on product development. Faster prints, accurate outputs, and minimum downtime keep your program on track. No specialist training. No dedicated technicians.

Reviewing the latest prototype

Durable, flexible and reliable parts.

Elastomer by Stratasys

A faster, smarter way to print without compromise.

Soluble support

We beat the competition on cost per part.

Less cost. More output
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