Support when you need it. Gone when you don't.

Unlimit your imagination.

Alternative additive manufacturing methods stop dead when they encounter complex geometries, thin walls, or cavities.

Instead, print complex parts along with an easily removed support material, eliminating time consuming and costly post-processing.

A faster, smarter way.

With elastomer on the F123 Series, design the exact part you need, without compromise, thanks to our exclusive soluble support.

Go large, go complex. And when the part is ready, the support structure can simply be washed away.

Hand-finishing a 3D-printed component

Traditional methods of hand finishing 3d printed support structures are labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Durable, flexible and reliable parts.

Elastomer by Stratasys

A faster, smarter way to print without compromise.

Soluble support

We beat the competition on cost per part.

Less cost. More output
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Closeup of a 3D-printed object

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